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April 30, 2011(MORELAND, Georgia) A small town of great tales with perennial population of 400 residing in one square mile, Moreland Georgia boasts two natives are famous authors: Lewis Grizzard and Erskine Caldwell. Moreland also hosts a stop on the Southern Literary Trail, which includes thirty sites of famous Southern authors in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi HYPERLINK "http://" This year from January through May, the Southern Literary Trail celebrates these accomplished authors with a series of events during Trailfest. As part of this celebration, Moreland invites all aspiring writers to Spintime in Moreland, a competition and performance of new work in the styles of the town's two native authors, Lewis Grizzard and Erskine Caldwell.

Contest. Submit 800 words or less in the style of Lewis Grizzard or Erskine Caldwell. Winning entries will be work broadcast in a new radio program, "The Grizzard Gazette." Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 30, 2011 during Heritage Day in Moreland, Georgia.

Topic. The political scene in America today.

Deadline. April 16, 2011.

Prizes. The Lewis Grizzard Pen and The Erskine Caldwell Pen will be awarded to winning entries after judging by professional writers. Winning submissions will be broadcast on a new radio series "The Grizzard Gazette." Winning entries will be performed during the awards ceremony. All winning entries will be announced April 30, 2011 in Moreland, Georgia.

Judges. Jim Minter, former editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and personal friend and mentor for Lewis Grizzard; Winston Skinner, Assistant News Editor Newnan Times Herald and Chairman of the Erskine Caldwell Birthplace & Museum.

Sponsors. The Erskine Caldwell Birthplace and Museum and The Moreland Community Historical Society, home of the Old Mill Museum & the Lewis Grizzard Collection.

Info: or call: 770.897.1888


Styles of Writing

Lewis Grizzard (1946-1994) Authored 22 books, 18 of which were New York Times Bestsellers and wrote syndicated columns in over 400 newspapers in the US. Grizzard was a humorist known for his commentary especially on the American South, but he never failed to pen poignant observations on any of the important topics of the day including politics. Though humorous, his style of writing was often bitter sweet and always grounded in the lessons he learned growing up in a small town. Beginning as a sports writer and editor, he became a humorist and entertainer. Lewis Grizzard has been described as a "modern day Mark Twain." Well known titles: "They Tore My Heart Out and Stomped that Sucker Flat" and "I Haven't Understood Anything Since 1962."

Erskine Caldwell (1903-1987) Authored 60 works including novels, short stories, and essays, which were translated into 40 languages. He was inducted as a member of 3 international arts and letters societies in the US, France, and Poland. He was best known for writing about the rural poor and the working class, set often in the American South. His topics and style were considered cutting edge and even taboo in their day. Some of Caldwell's early works were banned and seized. Eventually all bans were lifted. Caldwell wrote about subjects that were not part of acceptable social conversation in their day. His descriptions were earthy and often very candid. Some of his novels were adapted to film. Well known titles: "Tobacco Road" and "God's Little Acre."

Contest Rules: Entries may be 800 words, maximum. Entries may be submitted in either category: Lewis Grizzard or Erskine Caldwell. Electronic entries are encouraged and may be sent to: Postmarked entries must be mailed to POB 204 Moreland, GA 30259. All entries must be submitted electronically dated or postmarked by midnight April 16, 2011. Contestants may submit a maximum of two entries, one in each category: Lewis Grizzard and Erskine Caldwell. Entries will be judged by "blind contest", that is no author's name will appear on the entries submitted to judges. Judges will be professional writers. Three entries will be chosen as finalists for the Lewis Grizzard category and three entries will be chosen as finalists for the Erskine Caldwell category by the judges. From these finalists a total of four prizes will be awarded. Two prizes will be awarded after being judged by professional writers: The Lewis Grizzard Pen and The Erskine Caldwell Pen. The winners will be announced on Heritage Day in Moreland, Georgia, Saturday April 30, 2011. All finalists' work will be performed at that time. The two winning entries will be announced after the works are performed. The winning entries will be featured in a radio program, "The Grizzard Gazette". The contest committee reserves all rights to edit the winners' works for broadcast and/or publication. All decisions are final. The contestants retain all rights to entries, including winning entries.

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